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Photo Guidelines

It’s known that the best camera is the one that’s with you.
We will not tell you how to make a good photo, because we think that a good photo is the one that you like. We want to recommend you that the photos you want to use as part of design, found on our website, are sharp enough. If the photo is sharp on the screen, there is a good chance that it’s going to be sharp when printed. We can guarantee you that. But if it’s blurry, than we cannot help you, and printed product will be blurry too.

Print require higher image resolution than most of the computer screen use this days, that’s why in print, larger image is better. Our website is advance one, and it will help you choose a photo size a right photo fer every product we sell. If your photo is too small, when added to a design, we will notify you about that. If you choose to ignore this notification, when printed, your photo might look blurry. But it’s your photo, and if you really like it, we will print it for you.

If you are a photo professional, then you probably know that for print image @  300dpi + is needed. Sometimes 150dpi can work just fine.